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    Linear Block Codes

    Bounds on the minimum distance of linear block codes over GF(q) with q≤9
    for given length and dimension including information on the construction.

    Quantum Error-Correcting Codes

    2024-05-24: extended version: mainly based on
    Martianus Frederic Ezerman, Markus Grassl, San Ling, Ferruh Özbudak, and Buket Özkaya.
    "Characterization of Nearly Self-Orthogonal Quasi-Twisted Codes and Related Quantum Codes."
    arXiv:2405.15057 [quant-ph], 2024-05-23.
    and the quantum twisted codes by Bierbrauer and Edel

    Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Error-Correcting Codes

    Bounds on the minimum distance of entanglement-assisted quantum codes for qubits and qutrits

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